Corn Pancakes 32oz.
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Made with our freshly stone ground yellow corn meal and corn flour.

Its bound to satisfy your cravings for corn pancakes. We hope you enjoy it!

 Ingredients: Yellow Corn Flour,Yellow Corn Meal, Raw Sugar,Baking Powder,Sea Salt.

Nutrition Facts for Dry Mix Serving size 2.66oz (Approx 2-5"pancakes) 12 per container

Amount per serving:    Calories  270   Fat Cal  5   Total Fat 1g   Sat Fat 0g   trans fat 0g  Cholest 0mg  Sodium  580mg   Total Carb. 62g  Fiber 2g  Sugars 18g  Protein 3g   Based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Corn Pancakes 32oz.

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